Boogeyman Richie Martinez //
B-Boy, MMA Fighter, Professional beard grower

"My life’s filled with new extreme challenges whether it be mastering a new axe kick to a adding a new freeze in my B-boy moves. I can’t sit around when my life’s moving too fast, that’s why I drink a Genx and stay on top of my game."

Sam “Ace” “S” Wagner //

"I handle big boy guns on the paintball field. Every member of my team is only as strong as the weakest person. We’re a team and we need to stay focus in a match or else we’re done. GenX makes me ready to go and score some kills for my team."

Joe Camacho //
MMA Fighter

"I fight hard. Theres nothing else to it. When I am pitted against my opponent there is nothing else in my mind. To stay focused and alert I drink a Genx."

James Pou //
MMA Fighter

"I’ve studied the art of Kung Fu and other martial arts my whole life. I live by honor and the practices of respect. When I am in the ring it’s a different story. I train with Genx to make sure I using my body to its fullest potential."

Chris “Cougar” Koo //
MMA Fighter

"I am a beast. Whether in the ring or in my everyday life, I need my energy to do my activities. I train hard and play hard too. Either way I need a Genx to get me going."